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Karma's a...

Karma is *God's love. (*Source, Creator, Divine Father-Mother, Goddess, Great Spirit).

''What goes around, comes around'' proves true time and time again in QHHT.

What's amazing in QHHT is that we get a broader perspective. A perspective that spans lifetimes.

Examples include a young woman who had a lovely childhood with harmonious parents. She felt guilty that her family experience was so joyful compared to her freinds. She saw in a QHHT session that she had had a very difficult lifetime prior to the current experience. It allowed her to relax and enjoy her family without guilt and make the most it.

A woman had a lifetime as a First Nations healer. This healer lost her husband to war with the French and allowed her heart to become hard. She was cold and distant from people and they in turn became cold with her, even as their healer. She died alone. In this current lifetime she has close people who seem cold and distant. She can relate as a soul. Giving them warmth, gentleness and love is her Work now. She can choose to end the cycle and meet cold with warm love.

Another woman had a lifetime as a indigenous woman. The death scene was intense. She saw herself being murdered by a white man because he didn't like the way she was speaking.

The inner voice said:

''That man will pay for his action. He carried guilt throughout that lifetime, into the next and beyond. She was paying karma with that death. All is resolved. There is no need to carry fear about this happening again. She is safe now.''

Karma is the law of cause and effect and it spans lifetimes, dimensions, universes and time.

It is a natural law just as 'what goes up must come down.'

It IS God's Love because our Souls evolve within this law. It is a gift that allows us to learn and grow. Opening our hearts and minds.

Every experience is a gift and an opportunity for growth. There is so much more than our human experiences. So much we cannot ''see''. Learning this through QHHT integrates the lessons deeply into out Being and positively affects our lives going forward.

This doesn't mean that we should approach people with challenges with an attitude of ''well you deserved it''.

That doesn't feel heart centered. (You know if you've ever received this comment!)

We don't know the reason for people's struggles. It is theirs and God's business.

(For example, people with physical disabilites could be 'paying back karma' or seeking to grow and evolve through a difficult human life. Dolores always said souls were lining up for sick bodies because more growth is available in these lifetimes.)

Every hard experience could come back around to us, especially if we maintain that attitude.

Have compassion, approach with love, curiosity and a desire to alleviate the suffering of others.

We are loved and held by Source through it all. All of us. Always.

And of course,

Have compassion for yourself as you learn, grow, soften and relax into love.

Thanks for reading

Blessings to you

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