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The picture above shows where I'm at. A mother of three, determined to do the work that her soul calls her to do and it's a little messy at the moment! Supporting people, especially mothers and children on their journeys to an aligned and heart centered life is my mission and I put my whole being into it. I am at the start of the next big step. I am currating my services and my business so that it can serve my community and my life. Anyone who has started anything knows the amount of energy required to get things going in the form of time, money and attention.

I am putting a lot of content and offerings into the ethers for free. As I discover myself and create more offerings, I want to keep things accessible to those in need. I will be creating online courses and programs and offering more services in person to make money in the coming months.

If you like what I'm doing, see the benefit I am bringing to the community and want to support me financially your support is greatly appreciated! Any amount spurs my motivation to keep going.

I have many ideas for future projects. These include:

- Starting an alternative school for children

- Starting a program to train volunteer postpartum doulas in the teens and post menopause age groups to foster women helping and learning from each other at all ages and stages

- My most ambitious and long term goal: Creating a healing space on a property with permaculture gardens, a school, a space for women and their families to birth and a space for holistic care for the elderly at end of life.


I share these so that you can know my vision. Your money will go towards supporting me and my family in achieving these goals.

*If you want to help and participate in ways other than financial don't hesitate to reach out. I would love help with social media, the website, organizing events, the podcast and more.

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