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Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique

QHHT is a simple yet powerful technique for exploring our consciousness and self healing.

It is a 2hr long guided meditation that takes you on a spiritual journey into yourself and offers deep connection to your Subconscious/Inner Voice. This is the loving, wise, centered place within yourself that is accessible to everyone. It is possible to access events from childhood, past lives, experiences from other planets and more. See below for more details.

Sessions are available online or in person in Collingwood ON.

Click the button above to book in person in Collingwood.

Email for online session

or in person session at your location of choice (for special circumstances)



So much is possible with QHHT! I never know where someone will go when they explore their inner worlds. Most people go to past lives, some have quantum physical experiences like feeling very grounded or being surrounded by colours and lights. My job is to hold the space, remain alert and ask questions.

The whole process takes about 5 hrs. We first spend 2 hrs in an interview where we get to know each other better. This is an opportunity to share about your life, your current challenges and questions. You also get know more about me and my story. We need to establish trust so that you can feel safe to let go and relax in the session.

During the session itself there are two distinct parts. After a calming induction to make sure you are relaxed, well protected and feeling safe, I ask you to go to the most appropriate time and place where there is information for you. This often includes past lives but it can also include events from childhood and other interesting experiences. Then, after about an hour, I call in your Subconscious/Inner Voice. This part of yourself explains what you just saw/experienced and how it is relevant to your life now. This is also the part of yourself that answers all the questions you have about your current life.  


People come away from the sessions feeling so well. There is often great emotional release that occurs. It can feel like releasing heavy emotions that have been in your being for lifetimes! (And that is often what happens!). One client recently said : ''I thought I would feel sore lying down like that for so long, but I feel great!''.

Questions people often have their higher selves/inner voice include:

- Reasons for physical ailments and how to best heal them

- Reasons for tricky relationships and how to best navigate them

- Releasing stuck emotions (guilt, anger, fears)

- Resolving phobias

- Curiosity about past lives

- Advice on making decisions

- Advice on big life changes (carrer path, partnerships, etc)

- Wanting to connect with spiritual guides

- Healing a fear of death

It is important to choose a practitioner that feels in alignment. I may or may not be the right practitioner for you. Visit other areas on my website like the blog, podcast and about section to get to know me better. I love this work and the inner journeys that I witness. I look forward to working with you!

Visit the blog for more about sessions including Q&A


At first I was hesitant to do sessions online. However, I have had demand for my QHHT work from people who are unable to travel to my location. I have been surprised to witness successeful and very powerful experiences through doing this work online. I do have some requirements for online sessions: good internet connection, private sacred space (this means no one else should be in your home or space). It is also not available for beginners in meditation and inner work unless a special exception is made).

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