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QHHT Interview

Setting up for a QHHT interview


The interviews can be completed either in person or virtually (most are virtual). It usually takes around 2 hrs.


I love the interview portion. It allows me to get to know people at a deeper level. We have fun together and we cry together. I share about my journey and you share about your journey. I also take time to explain the QHHT method so that you are fully ready and trusting of both me AND yourself to have the most transformational and powerful experience available to you at this time.


It’s very fun for me to get to know people on this conscious level and then to later dive into their spiritual experiences like past lives and their subconscious. I feel like a detective helping people find healing and answers to their questions through their own existence and their stories on all levels. I have always enjoyed patterns. My love for math, calculus, physics, languages and also astrology seems to be applied in this search for patterns in others’ life experiences. The Divine speaks to us through patterns.


In the interview I do share “advice” and perspective fully knowing and trusting that your subconscious knows what to take and what to leave. You are the expert and healer of your Being. You know and have the answers via your subconscious/higher self and your relationship to Creator.


I simply provide seeds and information and then hold space as you take a deep dive into yourself in search for those answers. You are the gardener of your inner world and get to choose which seeds to care for.

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