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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Here are some typical questions about QHHT. Please send me more questions if yours isn't here.

How often should I have a session?

I usually recommend doing sessions about once a year. This is because it can take weeks and even months to integrate the information from a session. Also, it can take time to accumulate more questions and feel ready for the next quantum leap. Each session is like peeling back a layer of ourSelf. It is important to integrate the information fully and give ourselves a chance to apply the wisdom of our Subconscious. All that being said, there can be cases where more than one session is necessary in a shorter period of time. Dolores Cannon, who created the technique, would see some people weekly. This was mostly for her research for her books.

I have never meditated before, will it work on me?

Yes! I have had great success with people who have no experience with meditation or inner journeying. If I were to ask you to close your eyes and see your kitchen. See where the stove is located, where the fridge and sink are located...could you do that? Feel yourself in your kitchen. See!? If you can do that you can experience QHHT. It is a great way to begin a journey within and even a meditation practice if you want.

What if you didn't see anything? That brings me to the next question.

What if I can't visualize?

I have found that very few people truly cannot visualize. Most people can picture their home or their car in their mind's eye. Even people with blindess have had success ''seeing'' in a QHHT experience! Still, there are people who have other 'inner senses' that are stronger than their inner vision. When I asked someone to visualize their car, opening the door, getting in and turning the ignition they could 'see' all these things though not very clearly. What was most clear, they said was a sense of feeling their hand turn the key and the vibrations of the motor. In QHHT, we work with all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, physical sensations, knowing, feeling. I have experience helping you tap into all the senses.

What if I don't believe in past lives?

This is a great question. Firstly, you will only experience what you are ready for. Your Higher Self decides what experience you have and what story you 'see'. If the idea of past lives in not part of your world view and it would be harmful for you to access them, you will not go there. I have seen people go to events in childhood or explore possible future versions of themselves in these cases. The Subconscious can still be accessed and great progress, healing, inner work and exploration can take place. Secondly, some people might be on the fence about the idea of past lives and are open to 'seeing what they see'. They have curiosity but are unsure. This is very normal! If it is helpful to you to experience a past life, you will. It is wonderful to see someone's mind being gently opened through their own unique experience created for them (small t) by Them!

Can I go to the washroom during the session?

It is surprisingly simple. Often, the client will be directed by their Inner Voice/Higher self to go to the washroom. I make the suggestion that they will stay in this deep relaxed state and that we will pick up where we left off. One client even said that she tends to 'hold it in' and wait for the 'most appropriate' time to 'go'. In the relaxed state, the Higher Self had no reservations about making the fact known and simply 'going' when the body wanted to relieve itself. She surprised herself! Going to the washroom can be a way to move energy and clear something. I find that most people have a need to go during the session. It's no problem at all!

I will add more Q & A as they come..

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