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QHHT 1:1

Unlock profound insights and healing through past life regression with Emilie's transformative QHHT sessions.

$400 for 5-6 hrs 1:1

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Birth doula Package

Experience compassionate and empowering support throughout your birth journey with Emilie, your dedicated birth doula.


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Girls' Intentional Circles

Join our Intentional Girls' Circles to build community through prayers, songs, games, and spiritual teachings.

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Group QHHT Regression

Host a group QHHT regression experience in your community

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Blessingway Celebration

Celebrate and honor the journey into motherhood with a beautifully crafted Blessingway ceremony led by Emilie.

$250 for 3 hr event

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Free 15 min Q&A call

Email to book a time to chat and answer your questions (free)

Mother's Closing

Embrace healing and closure with Emilie's transformative Mother's Closing Ceremony, honoring your postpartum and mothering journey.

$250 for 3 hour event

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Available Services


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