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First time milking goats

We have volunteered to farm sit for our friends for 10 days in August!

We will have many creatures to care for…a cat, dogs, fish, a gecko, chickens, ducks, Guinea fowl aaanddd goats! Oh my!

We have dreamed of learning farming for many years. After getting close to some families who are actually homesteading we are definitely a little more hesitant lol.

Still, the it is part of our future dreams in some way and we are so excited for the opportunity to give it a test run for 10 days. We will be calling in extra family members and friends for help 😅.

Until then, I have to train and learn the ropes. Especially milking!

It was much hard than expected. It requires quite a bit of strength, my hands were sore the whole day afterwards!

Follow me on the stories to witness the training and to experience 10 days of homesteading with us!

🐐 🐐 🐐

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