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Happy Mamas, Happy babies

Happy mamas, happy babies . In our group yesterday we gathered intentionally, shared uplifting songs, prayed for sick family members and shared nourishing foods. . This is what mothers need to thrive. And we need more of this! . We need to be held and seen by the elders in our communities. And I’m not talking blood relations! I would love to see the elderly neighbours involved in these gatherings. Singing and dancing with the mothers, holding the babies, telling the stories and sharing the wisdom. . These children are the future. They are the future stewards of the Earth. They are the future of humanity. Being around them and supporting their mothers gives hope and joy and optimism for what is coming. It also encourages us to step into responsibility and higher versions of ourselves so that there is a beautiful future for them to step into. . You may or may not see me handing out flyers to the retired dog walkers on the trails I will let you all know how it goes.

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