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Holiday Detox Fun

Last summer, when our big girls were away with grandparents for a weekend, a friend asked me what I had done with my day. “Well first Vitaly and I had a fight, then we cleaned the house…” she laughed, appreciating my honesty. She knew what it was like to have kids at home and hold back arguments or emotions until there is space for the conflict to come to light and be resolved.

Physical healing is no different, neither is personal mental or spiritual healing. I was reflecting on how resourced I have been to be able to live out my seasons depression and of other illness. Not everyone gets the space in their life to experience these transformations deeply and fully. Many parents don’t get breaks from their children and have to work out their conflicts in front of them or not at all..for better or for worse.

Sometimes we can have high expectations when we “get a break” that it will fun and light and awesome and we can be disappointed when it’s the opposite. That weekend that summer was the first time that it didn’t bother me. We were able to have the conflict, release the built up pressure and frustrations and move on to have a beautiful weekend. No resentments of “you ruined our weekend!”.

The symptom is the healing.

We don’t always need to fight it or wish it away.

What is Here, what is a Gift from Divine Father-Mother

This echoes one of the 15 commitments of conscious leadership “I commit to seeing every circumstance and person in my life as an ALLY for my self growth”

This work of radical appreciation is turning my life around for the better..stay tuned for more ❤️

I’d also love to know if this has happened to you?!

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