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Listening beyond the hurt

When people are hurt, what they say is not the truth of Who They Really Are.

We say that alcohol reveals “someone’s true character”. What’s it’s really doing is often revealing suppressed behaviour and emotions.

But their TRUE character lies further behind that.

In QHHT, I have found that every person can access a deep loving and wise place within their self, their Self. This is what the Masters and Ancient write tell us about through the writings that have been passed down.

I have been exploring this idea of Who I Really Am and wondering how it would be to live from this place 100% of the time. I’m far from it but there are glimpses now and then.

Most importantly, if I’m searching for that place within myself, I need to be also looking for it and be willing to see it in others.

And one thing I know, when a hurt person is expressing hurt and’s not who they really are.

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