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Mother Daughter Solstice Gathering

We had the most fun celebrating solstice with a Mother-Daughter gathering ☀️ 💗

(Sound on for full effect 🔊 )

Solstice is a significant astrological event and has been celebrated by humans for thousands upon thousands of years. Many ancient monolithic sites align with the sun at solstice. It is the true Solar New Year as the Sun becomes still before shifting into a new direction. It is the original story of the birth of Light.

Every year we learn and build on our traditions. I don’t think I will do a mother-daughter specific solstice celebration again, I prefer to keep it open to the whole family. It’s just how it worked out this year!

We had a beautiful time enjoy free play, good food, fire, song and prayer.

This happened to be Vitaly’s only day off this week luckily he was around to help with the little man 👦🏻 and with the fire🔥. Thank you @vitalymeditation

Thanks to all those who came out this year 🙏 ☀️

🎶 The song we are singing is by @katesutherlandsongs . It is called Sun Will Rise and can be found on her Woodlandy Dandies album Little Wonders on her website or Spotify.

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