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Washroom Breaks During a QHHT Session

The deep meditation experience in QHHT usually lasts about 2 hrs. Is it possible to go to the washroom during the session?


It is surprisingly simple. Often, the client will be directed by their Inner Voice/Higher self to go to the washroom. I make the suggestion that they will stay in this deep relaxed state and that we will pick up where we left off.

One client even said that she tends to 'hold it in' and wait for the 'most appropriate' time to 'go'. In the relaxed state, the Higher Self had no reservations about making the fact known and simply 'going' when the body wanted to relieve itself. She surprised herself!

Going to the washroom can be a way to move energy and clear something. I find that most people have a need to go during the session. It's no problem at all!

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