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Accessing a past life feels like…

What does it feel like to explore past lives?


It often feels like accessing memories from your past in THIS life. Like thinking of your childhood or university years.


Sometimes, we have desires and habits we can’t seem to change or let go of even though we “know we should” (on a deeper intuitive level)


As an example, for me personally, I accessed a lifetime of a Native American medicine woman. She was the healer and midwife of her community. I have found in this lifetime a talent and intuition about how to help women in childbirth. A love for it too. However, I have felt frustrated that I haven’t been able to do more of this work for a few reasons. The message from my higher self is that midwifery is not the main work of THIS life. There is a desire there because it is something I have already done. There will be opportunities to support women in birth like friends and family but it is not meant to be my business. I now need to use the skills from midwifery work and apply to other work.


This may seem small, but it has made a huge shift for me internally and has allowed me to release a layer of frustration. I feel free and clear to continue on my path and follow the Flow of where my energy and attention

is needed most both for the sake of others and myself.

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