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Excerpt from the book “Initiation”

“These are the hardest tests of all because you just give up your personal feelings, simply turning them off as it were. Only when you have completely mastered the preceding eleven sets of opposite characteristics will you be able to feel, even in the most difficult cases, what you should do in perfect divine love, and what you should not do!

Then you will no longer be able to err, because you will BE LOVE ITSELF! And love can only act in love. You will only radiate your self, to BE your SELF, and the whole universe will draw from your warmth, from your light and from your strength.”

- Elisabeth Haich in Initiation

Check out my reading of Chapter 27 - The Twelve Sets of Characteristics on my YouTube channel, Emilie Alexina. This is an excerpt for the spiritual seeker, for the yogi 🧘‍♀️

Have you read the book? What did you think?

Full review of the book coming soon

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